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Did you flip the bit?

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Check out a blog entry by Robert C. Martin:
“Flipping the Bit” and find out whether you flipped the bit!

Flipping the bit here means changing the attitude to software development. This is what this website of mine is about. It’s not a quick process, it may take some months. I think that the most important thing is to GIVE IT A TRY. Just give peace a chance. Try for a month or two or mabye three to strictly follow the Clean Code principles. Or learn and apply SOLID principles, dependency injection, TDD – the choice is yours! I think, that it is essential to start and to try to do things differently, supported by someone who already is experienced in this area. Only then a person can develop a feeling for writing code differently. Only then a person gains at least some experience and can compare this new experience to the old way of writing code, being unaware of code cleanliness and best practices of object-orientation. Without learning and giving it a try you’re going nowhere.


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