Every developer can write working code. Too often the programmer is satisfied with the result, but other developers may find it not well designed, lacking object-orientation, not easy to read and to understand. Making changes in such code is often risky and can be really painful.

This website is about an important step from writing working code to writing a better and cleaner working code. It’s all about bringing the coding skills up to the next level. The “level up”-possibilities are often very easy to learn. Many of them seem to be small things, but they are extremely effective and at the end they significantly improve the way the code is written. However, most developers stick to a number of habits which they adopted over the years. Like I did. Dropping this attitude was a basis for improvement for me. I started this website project to reflect the things I’ve learned.

I surely don’t reinvent the wheel, but refer mostly to well-known works in this area, like few books I’ve listed on a books page. Examples in such books are mostly short and concise, which is the way it should be in the books. The goal of this website is to go into more details, offer arguments for clean code principles and refactoring methods visualized in comprehensive examples. Feedback is welcome – I have a contact form on about page!

Last but not least – of course no one should blindly follow anything from any book, but also no one should blindly resist to the criticism of own code. My goal is never to force anyone to follow strict rules. My goal is to demonstrate with code examples in a larger context (comparing to books) that some ways of writing code are more beneficial than the others and to precisely explain why. Please don’t feel offended if in the criticised code you recognize your coding style. Unfortunately, this is a typical human reaction, but it would be much smarter to read further, understand the alternatives and try them out for a period of time.